Gorgeous 3 BHK at Powai, Mumbai

In this totally claustrophobic, chaotic world, this residential space transcends you into a different zone where you can spend some time delving into your mind & reading into energies within yourself into each day. Freedom is that frame where the mind, body and soul are in unison. Openness, purity, cleanness, no unnecessary clutter, soothing, timelessness… Continue reading Gorgeous 3 BHK at Powai, Mumbai

Residence at Mumbai

The design for this 2BHK Residential project in Mumbai’s suburban area is a combination of various materials which create an aesthetical appeal to the space while the color hues keeps it tranquil. The client was looking for quaint and smart vibe to the space which went with the evolution of a bachelors requirements, also keeping… Continue reading Residence at Mumbai

2 BHK Residence at Thane

An abode redefining sleek comfort This is a 2 BHK residence at the heart of Thane at the High end complex. It is a true amalgamation of style, comfort and amenities and is everything that the client dreamt about in their house. While each area of the house has its own identity and unique feel… Continue reading 2 BHK Residence at Thane


This is a cozy 2BHK home situated in the Nahar Amrit Shakti complex and is the epitome of modern homes. The design of the residential space can be considered as the text book study of what a modern design stands for. Every element of design in the space is unique and classy just as it… Continue reading RESIDENCE AT ANDHERI

The ‘SOUL’ Connect.. Residence at Mumbai..

The balance of sophistication and richness in colours are the characteristics of this project. ADS lays most emphasis on client interaction as that is what the successful outcome of a project depends upon. This is achieved through sharing sketches, creating 3d views, concept images, options in bought out furniture, selection of furnishing etc.  We achieved… Continue reading The ‘SOUL’ Connect.. Residence at Mumbai..