Gorgeous 3 BHK at Powai, Mumbai

Living Room-1


In this totally claustrophobic, chaotic world, this residential space transcends you into a different zone where you can spend some time delving into your mind & reading into energies within yourself into each day. Freedom is that frame where the mind, body and soul are in unison. Openness, purity, cleanness, no unnecessary clutter, soothing, timelessness are a few attributes for this space.

In this project – the residential interior design of L&T Reality at Mumbai, is designed with a minimalistic approach while utility and practicality precedes all else. Detailing is such that maintenance is minimal thus making this abode an easy to live in, never overpowering the senses while elevating ones mood gently.

While the clients having a good design background themselves, wanted a stylish space, which still needed to be comfortable. So the entire three bedroom apartment has been opened out- keeping one as the guest bedroom as a single enclosed space which acts as a TV room named, Den Area. The transparency and fluidity of the spaces, the intermingling and overlapping without distinct boundaries, sets this home apart.

Living room designed in brown and beige are a timeless classic. Adding to this a combination of a stone finished TV unit paneling; the clear beveled mirror paneling for the dining unit and the furnishing with other décor elements were amongst the best impressions of this project. Each of the bedrooms opens to balconies, with a pleasing view from the window by which lets the client watch the clouds go by through those sky lights.

Living Room-2

Walking in to the master bedroom, which is designed highlighting the beveled mirror paneling above the tufted leatherette cushioning bed back which makes it look more elegant.

The symmetry of the space and décor with white paint and lamination for wardrobe adds to the pleasing view from the window by which you can just imagine yourself watching the clouds go by through those sky lights!


The daughter’s bedroom is designed keeping in mind a little girls desire for a beautiful, girly pink, also soft and fineness as a little princess. It looks the same, right a bit like a pink color themed fairy tale place that is pleasant.


Adding on to the design lights have played an important role. Recessed fixtures are casting general lighting, cove lightings reflects the mood and also to showcase artwork and an adjustable floor lamp makes the apartment a well-lit space.

The room named Den area is uniquely designed with essential furniture’s for its functionality. Texture is key, from the designed flooring to the ceiling and to the backdrop finished in veneer of the TV unit. Providing a full height mirror is adding life to the room.


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