Residence at Mumbai

The design for this 2BHK Residential project in Mumbai’s suburban area is a combination of various materials which create an aesthetical appeal to the space while the color hues keeps it tranquil.

The client was looking for quaint and smart vibe to the space which went with the evolution of a bachelors requirements, also keeping in mind the future needs and desires too.

A Design Studio had to design a fun and welcoming environment and the client gave them the complete creative freedom to explore, since the client were open to different materials and a raw look for the space. This encouraged the team of ADS to use elements which were different from the standard designs. This also led the team to develop each item for the purpose of the space.

“The living room should be harmonious and sophisticated”, mentioned the young client. Hence this design is a combination of wallpaper, paintings and textures, which create an aesthetical appeal to the space while the hues of white and black which keeps it tranquil.

Strategic use of carpets, furniture and decoration has created a spacious, balanced room that is a pleasure to spend time. Selecting a clever color scheme for the walls, adding textures with wallpapers and paneling of Unique material Charcoal panels used for the TV unit, and finding the right balance of furnishings has created something that is relaxing but not cluttered in the space.

Moving inside to the apartment, there is a long passage that leads through a galore of memories through the planned sets of photo framed wall.

Using built-in cabinets we have designed a bar unit which looks more distinguished and showcases liquor, drinkware and other bar accessories. The alabaster used for the front fascia of shutters to the storage gives the bar a stately, permanent look.


Further to this home the Guest bedroom room is stylishly designed by keeping in mind a space to every age group. The client did not want this longing room to look shimmering & exemplary. The focal attraction of this room is the colour combination that plays with tints and shades of brown & beige.

The wall behind the bed back done is done with designer wallpaper which is from a set of motif collections that gives a rich look to the ambience. So the room is designed in a way where it looks less cluttering more spacious & with full of comfort. The bed along with side tables and wardrobe are totally in sync with customized design and clean details have been observed.

According to the young bachelor, Master bedroom had to be designed as a personal recoil; a well-designed bedroom which needs to be effortless. The contemporary simplicity of this bedroom is balanced against rich textures – the wallpaper which has been taken to full height up to the ceiling , which adds to continuity to the offset ceiling patterns. A high glossy trimmed bed in white color with tufted cushioning backrest against the wall gives the space a desired look.

Concluding this planning the space isn’t grand, but with a minimised colour palette and strong use of symmetry this design looks elegant in itself. Summing up to this the design combines patterns and colors to create a unique, bright and airy room with plenty of comfortable space and gorgeous rich hardwood flooring.

The bachelor client warmly reminisces “The first site was a bare shell with rooms, but now this gives me feel of a Home Sweet Home”. On hindsight, it seems like this was meant to be since the space fits in perfectly with the surrounding environment and even the view outside seems to be a part of the overall look.”


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