Gorgeous 3 BHK at Powai, Mumbai

In this totally claustrophobic, chaotic world, this residential space transcends you into a different zone where you can spend some time delving into your mind & reading into energies within yourself into each day. Freedom is that frame where the mind, body and soul are in unison. Openness, purity, cleanness, no unnecessary clutter, soothing, timelessness are a few attributes for this space.

In this project – the residential interior design of L&T Reality at Mumbai, is designed with a minimalistic approach while utility and practicality precedes all else. Detailing is such that maintenance is minimal thus making this abode an easy to live in, never overpowering the senses while elevating ones mood gently.

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Residence at Mumbai

The design for this 2BHK Residential project in Mumbai’s suburban area is a combination of various materials which create an aesthetical appeal to the space while the color hues keeps it tranquil.

The client was looking for quaint and smart vibe to the space which went with the evolution of a bachelors requirements, also keeping in mind the future needs and desires too.

A Design Studio had to design a fun and welcoming environment and the client gave them the complete creative freedom to explore, since the client were open to different materials and a raw look for the space. This encouraged the team of ADS to use elements which were different from the standard designs. This also led the team to develop each item for the purpose of the space.

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2 BHK Residence at Thane

An abode redefining sleek comfort

This is a 2 BHK residence at the heart of Thane at the High end complex. It is a true amalgamation of style, comfort and amenities and is everything that the client dreamt about in their house. While each area of the house has its own identity and unique feel the entire design is part of a large idea and completely in sync throughout the entire residence. With abundant use of glass and high quality laminate a glossy feel is given to the design of the house and that is something that gives it a highly sophisticated look. 

The main door of the house opens into the living room which is done with classy shades of white, beige and gold. A feeling of opulence and elegance hits you as you enter the house. The use of cove lighting along with a wall cladding of marble for the TV background make the living room look larger than life. Excellent use of natural light is done with the help of sheer curtains in combination with regular curtains to have complete control on the amount of sunlight that is allowed into the room. While white PU finishes on furniture and upholstery mark the theme of the design, colour in the form of sofa cushions helps in cutting out the risk of monotony.

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This is a cozy 2BHK home situated in the Nahar Amrit Shakti complex and is the epitome of modern homes. The design of the residential space can be considered as the text book study of what a modern design stands for. Every element of design in the space is unique and classy just as it should be in a home that is designed with a contemporary theme. Everything right from the accessories to the material finishes and the colors used around the house are subtle yet eye catching.

The design begins with a breathtaking mix of light, metal and earthy shades right at the entrance lobby. While the tiles are Italian marble with an earthy brown shade, the console in the entrance foyer is created in a unique round pattern with a metallic finish. The shade of the floor and the metal finish complement each other in a seamless manner. The element of design continues right up to the ceiling with wood being used to complete the look in combination with a track of light extending from the door frame up to the ceiling. The wall behind the console is also beautifully cladded with black mirror to continue the look of elegance while giving an illusion of space with the use of mirror.

The living room starts immediately as you cross the entrance foyer and there are a lot of design elements that will leave you astounded as you take in the view of the living area. The room is done in shades of blue, white and grey with a slight touch of yellow to add drama to the décor. What really stands out in the living room is the way in which modern elements of design are added to the space in the form of mirror art, sculptures and a dramatic rug under the center table. The design screams panache and style with its classy use of solid colors as well as patterns in the sofa upholstery. The TV unit space clearly serves the purpose of blending in with the modern themed living room as well as the classy entrance lobby. Even though the living room space is constricted it is beautifully given a spacious look with the use of a beveled glass mirror wall and ceiling to floor curtains mainly in white.

The living room culminates into the dining room as you walk further into the house. The dining space is a relaxing corner and gives an opulent look even though it is compact. The focal point of the dining space is the wall right adjacent to the dining table as well as the wall opposite the table. The use of geometric shapes on the mirror wall and the symmetry on the photo wall is what forms the theme of the space. In keeping with the modern look of the house both walls are designed with crisp and sharp motifs. The dining table itself is made in a classy yet light pattern. With the use of stone for the top, the opulence of the space is maintained and the legs are shaped in a unique manner toeing the line of modern theme in design.

Moving further into the house we come across the guest room which is one of the two bedrooms in the house. The design of the room follows the laws of modern residential design but it stands out in its own unique way. The room is done predominantly in a sunshine shade of yellow in combination with white and grey. Everything about the room is about youthfulness and fun. A focal design wall is created behind the bed in solid colour while keeping all the other walls plain white. Comfort is indicated in the way in which the headboard of the bed is done in fabric and cushion. 

The use of cove lighting under the bed is yet another element of design that is generally associated with contemporary design in interiors. The wardrobe in the room is done in a smart and space efficient manner with rolling shutters and a cladding of designer laminate to add a fun touch to the guestroom. A quirky point in the design of the room is seen in the form of pendant lights that are used in the place of side table lights to serve the purpose of illumination as well as design.

The master bedroom of the house is the ultimate example of a classy and sophisticated minimal design. The use of royal colors and textures is what sets the tone for the design of the room. The most predominantly used shade in the master bedroom is cream and beige. Everything that is put into the room is done mainly in these two relaxing shades. The use of textures wallpaper on the headboard wall in combination with indirect lighting is something that adds class to the design of the room. This is further enhanced with the use of the Chester pattern for the headboard which is usually seen in highly regal settings. The bed base is made with an elegant reflective style with the use of PU paint and the look is completed with the use of a soft furry rug.

A cozy corner is added to the room with the use of a single seat sofa with a matching leg rest. The wardrobe in the master bedroom is tastefully done with a dark mirror surface to make sure that it does not look large and bulky. It can be summarized that the look and feel of the house uses the different elements of the nature including earth, water, fire, wood and metal. While using the elements of nature, the style of design is consciously contemporary and works well with the compact yet elegantly built living space. The house is a perfect example of a space that you would want to come back to and spend more time in.

The ‘SOUL’ Connect.. Residence at Mumbai..

The balance of sophistication and richness in colours are the characteristics of this project.

ADS lays most emphasis on client interaction as that is what the successful outcome of a project depends upon. This is achieved through sharing sketches, creating 3d views, concept images, options in bought out furniture, selection of furnishing etc.  We achieved the client’s requirements and expectations to translate into dreams house.

Once enter the Home and one can inhale a specious and inviting Living area. This 3BHK project is transform from two adjacent flats.

“ As a designer we dream into the space right from the conception”, we did some civil changes like removed common wall between two flats and took small flower bed areas inside which turn into spacious Living room.

A Design Studio- Living Room 1 copy (1).jpg

Ceiling is simple cove design with combination of Direct and indirect lights, running beam in between differentiates the Living and Dining areas.

The design of TV unit is simple, accentuated by the wooden Laminated striped pattern back and sides, which flows to the ceiling and creates a Unique design with the linear simplicity of the design with white walls has a minimalistic appeal. Left side of the paneling has the Entrance to Master Bedroom and Guest Bedroom but it’s designed such a way that it undetectable. “No limits to the details” what Satish says, goes with this kind of intricate details.

Living Room (3).jpg

Symmetrical designed units both sides of windows which have been designed one as Library and another as enclosed bar. “Client have a passion for parties with a lot of Happy friends” which has been achieved through enclosed bar with place for artifacts too.

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