Accelerating your Dreams & Visions, the mantra with which A Design Studio works. We are a team of young and vibrant design crusaders and a multi-disciplinary firm headed by some of the best & most creative interior designers in Mumbai. Since 2008, interior specialists Satish Naik & Rupali Naik have been spearheading the task of capturing the spirit of client needs and the aesthetic essence of interior spaces. They have successfully paved their way into the list of the best interior designers in Mumbai.

We scale our services for all types of work dynamics for Indian interior design including residential projects, corporate offices and retail spaces of all sizes. We also hold a special knack in planning, designing, creation of 3D views and project management. A Design Studio has gained a pioneering position among top interior designers because of the kind of education and work experience of its heads. The teams of experts at our firm closely understand the practicalities of site management and seamlessly integrate them with the philosophies of design, creating design master pieces for the clients. Being among the best interior designers in Mumbai has led us to grow consistently in size as well credibility, all for the benefit of those that place their trust in us.

Satish Naik - CopySatish’s experience with material understanding, cost analysis, attention to detail and quality in interior work syncs perfectly with Rupali’s skills of coordinating complexities of design & services for their projects. Impeccable balance in the core team enables the studio to accomplish any task that it is challenged with, irrespective of Indian home design or commercial projects in the most optimized and systematic manner.

Rupali Naik - CopyRupali is one designer who has persevered to serve her clients in the best way possible. After completing an Interior design course from MSBTE Mumbai, Rupali started practice and has been in the thick of things since 10 years. She has gained extensive experience by working with some highly recognized design firms. Rupali strongly believes that the interior spaces that she designs should channel her clients towards a better lifestyle. “Creativity and an eye for detail cannot be taught or learnt, they are inherent”, says Rupali.

Skills of the heads and the team force of the firm makes them the most unmatched Interior designers in Mumbai city.

Today, A Design Studio is a provider of planning, design and delivery solutions for the built environment. We create exceptional environments that meet design challenges whether they are for Indian house design or any other kind of interior project. The approach to design is tackled from a variety of perspectives, which gives us an unparalleled ability to innovate. We use design to protect our natural environment and enrich lives ensuring the best interior design on every attempt. A Design Studio is committed to integrating diversity and inclusion into every aspect of the working of the firm. This is an important part of our long-term business strategy for meeting challenges of the changing world and ensuring our continued success.

Design ability and holistic approach springs from the broad array of interconnected disciplines within the firm. A Design Studio’s approach and ability to integrate services as a unified creative force is in sync with what today’s world needs in terms of design. Approaching challenges from different perspectives – from strategic planning to interior design to construction services – is what enhances our ability to innovate. Offering these services in-house contributes to better projects because of the possibility of streamlining communication as well as keeping a close watch on quality control. “Our ideas emerge from the intersection of active minds and imaginations”, believes Satish.

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