HuckleBerry CakeShop

IMG-20170410-WA0001Cake shops are the sweetest treats for the consumers. Determining the image for Huckleberry creating the overall look of the shop means designing everything, from lighting and color scheme to the storage spaces; signage and displays.


The use of color is kept as an important factor for designing in this shop. Shades of darker colors with a blend of orange is used to keep the space refreshing and adding warmth. Soft lighting is an upscale for the cake shop adding highlights to the brick pattern which have a timeless appeal that complements the darker shade for the wall covering. The baked goods are what draws attention of the customers, so the display case needed to be the focal point of the shop. An almost “magical” situation of having a live bakery counter with a glass wall is created for attraction.

While offering customers beautiful great cakes and an uncluttered area with a boost to relaxing, allows customers to feel at ease and keep them coming back for more.

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