Pre School at Mumbai

Childhood is the most pure phase we go through. And Kinder-garden are a vital part of this phase, but in a metro city spaces like this are compact at times, not allowing the kids to enjoy or feel free, in real terms the vibe is lost.

This kinder-garden project we designed in Jogeshwari at Mumbai was named “Cocoon”, considering a place which will help these tiny ones to foster. We A Design Studio, aimed at giving a space on the concept that, a kinder-garden should help children’s growth, a tool for fostering children. This kids’ nursery has a dash of colors which will brighten up the mood of every little one. The wall graphics and bright furniture with vibrant color indoor play equipment’s will keep the kids strolling around playfully for hours.

We ensured that the place is comfortable, friendly and fun for the kids. The indoor space was a continuous area, reception connected to the play-area and two classrooms with a single pantry all of which were extensively designed keeping the playful vibe. This space gives the kids an opportunity through our design, to enjoy the facilities and environment and also enables them to cultivate their learning skills.

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