Offbeat Gym at Kandivali, Mumbai

“Fitness is not a Destination, It’s a way of Life” Now a days Gyms are not about the only workout, it’s stepping up to Fitness center and Aesthetics by hiring leading designers to create their spaces interior.

Creating Healthier Lives is the Mantra of SVLFF Gym.

Located at Kandivali West,  ‘A Design Studio’ was having a challenge to design this fitness center with new look & considering the overall G+2 space. With the several competitors around and presenting and delivering the unique and breath-taking designs for gym surrounding’s was not a cake walk for us.

A Design Studio- Gym Project (2)

We did our hard work with 100% dedication and gave justice to the design by breaking stereotypes design of typical spaces. What we did was we gave a new array of elements and new systems that worked as a prototype – simultaneously provided it an offbeat look.  It streams from one area to the next, with your members instinctively knowing what each area is for and what kind of training they should be doing. Flooring is unique Rubber tiles, great for soften the impact of high intensity exercise.   Cherry on the cake is the Blue ambient lights – which complements the overall look and give it a true feel of the gym.

A Design Studio- Gym Project (3)

Ground floor is packed with the Lower body equipment’s, Steam etc. Use of Graphics is giving vibrant and lively look to the gym. Graphics are chosen according to the type of workout of that particular area/ equipment’s.

Entrance to the Gym Floor with Blue Graphic design of Girl and Boy provided the first and foremost impression of Stretching and workout zone. It’s indeed a motivational to the members of gym.  Moving further you can see Big Motivational wall which complements ‘Cable crossover machine’ which motivates individuals to build Biceps, Triceps, chest fly etc. Next to it one can see Heavy weights sections – which is true to the adage ‘Today it Hurts Tomorrow it Works’. Isn’t it?

A Design Studio- Gym Project (4)

It helps to build your Body to desire shape. And if you too want to be in shape just don’t Wish, instead start it now. They say it’s better late than never.  The mirrors on the gym plays a significant role during your workout sessions.

A Design Studio- Gym Project (6)A Design Studio- Gym Project (7)

1st floor is made exclusively for Upper Body workout. While you walk through the stairs and reached to 1st floor – your eyes will not be failed to notice the portrait of the lady steeping up on “Fitness” – actually adds more value and design to the space.

A Design Studio- Gym Project (9)


A Design Studio- Gym Project (10)

Once you step up to 1st floor one can see eye catchy graphic of lady with fitness tree leaf along with artificial vertical garden which refreshes the workout zone. Treadmills towards window gives pleasure while doing work out by looking natural view and atmosphere. Its best look one can ever have thought off.

A Design Studio- Gym Project (12)

Cross fit section well set to increase Functional Strength to increase your stamina. The graphic ‘Strike while the Iron is Hot’ gels with the area.

A Design Studio- Gym Project (11)

Lastly, 2nd floor is for Functional Training which starts from Power Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics, Yoga, Dance. Big mirrors set up for Zumba and for Aerobics which attracts the attention. Adding more to its beauty – the green band of artificial plants along with yellow light creates positive energy in the space.

A Design Studio- Gym Project (14)A Design Studio- Gym Project (13)

Overall look of the gym is designed by using appropriate Graphics, Mirrors and Green vertical gardens which surely gives one a posh feel.A Design Studio- Gym Project (15)

So, what are you waiting for, won’t you step out the gym right away – and reward yourself with healthy lifestyle!




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