Design Trends: Desire to Inspire

A Design Studio- Living Room-1

Design is an impactful process that has a strong influence on society and it can in much way affect our well-being. Even if design is often about bringing function to our daily life, it’s also about creating desires.

Design, from an Architect /Interior Designers view point be defined as “Visual Strategy”. This means that design is not only a process but also considered as the final product /service. So design is interesting and relevant but now a days with human intervention it’s upgraded with lots of trends.

A trend is the general tendency defined by a shift in behavior or mentality that influences a significant amount of people with their desires. This   change in behavior is triggered by a small part of the population and starts to gradually spread until enough people finally give in and choose to adopt it as part of their lifestyle. This shift is often based on a strong concept and vision, initiated by the designers, based on predictions, color and material research.

“The design is great, but I really wish that we could have added some more elements to the space….” 

How many times have we felt this way about the spaces we inhabit?

While you are on the search to build your personal design statement, we’re here to give you all the tools. Design trends in the industry for you are to discover. So what are the key trends of designs according to our latest desires? WHAT’S IN

  1. Mirrors

As we have recently completed a project working away on an exciting design plan which has been majorly gravitating towards mirrors of beautiful, shape, design and effect.

Mirrors are an amazing addition to any room. The curved or clean edges and lines add an organic feel to any space and mirrors are always a great idea because of the light and reflection they add. Mirrors visually “enlarge” the space in different ways.

 Living Room-2

  1. Upholstered bed headrests

Beds will change dramatically with upholstered bed heads set to replace the timber bed frames currently dominating the market.

“Whether you opt for the classic model in neutral color with buttons, or a plush one in velvet, a headrest is an easy way to update and add instant glamour to a bedroom.”

They’ve been a staple in luxury hotel bedrooms and celebrity homes for a while, but now we’re all falling head over heels for the bed headrest trends.



  1. Open plan living

The unconstrained flow from one room to another shows no signs of fading in the most current home design trends.

Open plan living is all about free flowing spaces and is becoming increasingly popular. As people have now lived with the open plan living areas incorporating kitchen, living, dining and even study areas, this gives a larger and create a personalized nook kind of feel to the space.

  1. MDF Panels

Decorative MDF Panels are known for its excellent quality and appreciated by the clients for its robust quality and durable range. Such MDF panels offer a dramatic alternative to traditional flat wall panels for latest trends in Interior design. This material has a variation in color, texture, beauty, size and finish that allows the design professional total freedom of expression during the creative process. Such decorative wall panels are exquisite expressions of artistic from providing a continuation of nature to free flowing open spaces either interior or exterior.

GUEST BEDROOMMDF’s are warp defense, color unfading, moisture proof and easy installation. For its elegant and strongly 3D effect, suitable for all types of interior design concepts achieving the utmost preference. It is widely used as a finishing material or decorative panel for wall and ceiling decoration in hotel, entertainment place, shop, living room etc.

  1. Appliances and Furniture that fold up.

A secret weapon for small spaces is the units and desks, sofas that convert into bunk beds, and tables that fold out of bookshelves and space saving furniture always needn’t be folded up to save space. Along with this there are built-in appliance which often thrown around, loosely applying itself to any machine that’s fitted into preexisting countertops and cabinetry.

Design, hence is all about satisfying needs and attracting us towards new experiences. Trends don’t emerge as rapidly here as they do in say, food or fashion, but the economy, the environment, and demographics all spur shifts in the choices of materials, designs, layouts, and construction methods for single- and multifamily dwellings

So, while it seems that everything goes by fabulously you can influence the design world even more than you think.

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