Little Changes for Big Impact..

“A home is a big part of your life and a comfortable, inviting space that can really make a difference in how you feel every day”.

Little things can elevate the overall mood of your home. Keep in mind that not every Interior Design has to involve a major project. Rethinking a room or how you function within your home, or just looking at a room from the perspective of your guests, is what all it takes to make the small changes that have a big impact to your home.

Here are some “little things” we recommends you can do to spruce up your rooms:


Choosing the room you live in the most as your first one to de-clutter. Choose a spot that’s not visible from the public areas of your home and designate a surface, chest or cabinet of some sort for the paper and other things that usually end up in piles all over your home. Give yourself permission to toss anything you don’t want to deal with immediately into your clutter area without even thinking about organizing, filing or putting it away later.


Be bold, do something unexpected or something you’ve always wanted to try. Color has a huge effect on how we feel in a space – warm colors and/or high contrast can make a room feel energizing and sociable, whereas cool colors or low contrast helps create a more relaxed and peaceful effect,” she says.

Use paint as a way to either highlight architectural details or help correct a room’s imperfections.


Choosing the right window treatments will set the tone your home and give your space a polished look. Learn about new styles and trends from around the world and use them in your home. Get some trendy frames or sheer curtains and make your home look vibrant enough.


Residential interior designers usually feels that wallpaper can transform a space. It adds visual interest, pattern and color like none other.

Be bold, but if you’re afraid to wallpaper an entire room go with small ways to bring the element into the room, like on the back of bookcases or ceiling, by just adding another dimension to the space.


Using an oversized framed mirror. Or adding a Group photos from the wonderful places you have traveled into a big collage photo frame will add up some interesting lively moments.
This can be achieved by minimalistic frame designs and keeping to simpler.

As it goes little things can elevate the overall mood of your space, “You’re bound to smile when you find unexpected beauty in the common, unimportant pieces of your home.”
So, broaden your perspective on interior redesign and try some of the small ways to make a big difference in your home.

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