Reshma Suvarna- Sr. Executive at Wockhardt Lmt.

IMG-20170904-WA0066 Satish worked on complete renovation of our entire house. Wow! It was quite extensive and changed our home from a very stereo-typed look to a light and bright soft-contemporary home that we love.  Yes… a complete makeover, a warm and welcoming home reflecting our personal taste.  Compliments from relatives, friends and neighbours are still pouring in since then.

We were already working with our contractor and we needed a designer to help with the many detailed design items yet to be done and we contacted Satish.  Soon we learned how much detailing and fineness was required in this job.   It was clear that Satish had years of design experience, which is critical in a designer. He has an outstanding knowledge of the planning and designing of a home, from selecting lighting and plumbing fixtures, wall textures and colour, flooring and carpet, window treatments and bedding, furniture and accessories/artefacts and many other minute necessities.  Directing with his team, instructing them in detail and extracting exactly the desired output was proficiently managed.

Satish has displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, ambition, and creativity. He has the wonderful ability to understand and translate the vision into reality.

He is wonderful and easy to work with and his ability to adapt to his clients’ needs is remarkable and that too within the budgetary constraints.

“Luck is for the lazy and success is for those who work hard” …Wishing success forever in all your endeavours and let sky be your limit.